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Welcome to your portal for feminist video on the web! Here feminist videos can be searched, aggregated, categorized, and discussed.

Have you ever tried searching for "feminist" in YouTube? It's a profoundly depressing experience, with sexist videos drowning out the vast amount of interesting feminist material. But with, you can search through a range of feminist videos for research, personal edification or pleasure. Want to hear lectures by feminist theorists? Or see what's new in the reproductive rights landscape? Or gather video stories of feminists across the world? You can do that here, and so much more. embeds feminist video from across the web. No video is hosted here, and the moderators are not responsible for video content, though we try to curate responsibly. Please contact us if you'd like to talk about adding a tag or category for a video, or taking down a video that doesn't belong, or one of yours that you'd rather not have linked on the site. Please talk to the original creator of the video about the content itself - a link to the original website is available on each video page. And of course, feel free to comment more generally on the video pages themselves.

We hope that will be a site that brings together a diverse selection of videos from a variety of topics of interest to feminist communities. If there's an area you feel is sorely lacking on the site, please let a moderator know and make suggestions, or try "Submit a Video" in the toolbar! We welcome more feminist video content.

We are not claiming that all the video embedded here would be considered feminist by everyone, including possibly the creators of the video themselves. However, we believe that these videos are in some way of interest to feminist communities and speak to feminist issues. In the interest of collecting videos and getting them out as much as possible, we are not always able to watch every video in its entirety. If you come across a video you think really doesn't belong here, let us know.

For more information, or to make a suggestion, email Anne.

A note on Accessibility: We have a long way to go in terms of getting this site really accessible. Because we don't host the content and can't transcribe each of thousands of videos by hand, many videos lack transcripts. We hope to integrate with Universal Subtitles in the future and welcome other suggestions. We would be particularly grateful on suggestions for making our html more accessible - I know my links and the html on the exhibits page could be better, and I'd appreciate your ideas.

---- was founded by Anne Jonas, who currently works with Miro Community at the Participatory Culture Foundation in New York City.

She is joined by Sonia Saraiya, a fellow graduate of Brown University and a masters' candidate at Sarah Lawrence College in women's history.

Thanks to Christine Laquer for design and Alexander Sayer Gard-Murray for logo design.

About Miro Community

Miro Community helps communities gather their videos into one place. It's a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation.